1 August 2012

Interactive map: sites of conflict 1642 - 1660

View English Civil War sites of conflict 1642 - 1660 in a larger map

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I've put together a Google map of sites featuring in the English Civil War from 1642 up until the Restoration.

I'm particularly interested hearing of any small skirmishes/acts of violence/destruction that are often overlooked, little known or recently discovered. If you know of any, please send them on (see About page).

The map is a work-in-progress and is colour-coded thus:

  • major battle
  • battle
  • siege
  • skirmish

I've placed the events into these categories based on common assumption rather than use any particular criteria (eg number of participants/killed/wounded), though I may have a go at some stage. It should prove a useful resource in its basic state.

In time I'll add further links and images for each marked site.

1 comment:

  1. I tried something similar awhile back as part of Scotwars but it became another lapsed project see link 'Battles' on my home page
    Happy to supply the info on the Scottish ones you are missing that I have there. Just let me know.