23 March 2017

Wolfwalkers: Oscar-nominated animators' new 17th century feature

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Wolfwalkers, an animated feature from the makers of Oscar-nominated film Song of the Sea (2014).

The film's set in Ireland during Cromwell's attempt to subdue the population through the killing of wolves ...

14 February 2017

An Epithalamion, or Marriage Song on the Lady Elizabeth and Count Palatine being Married on St Valentine’s Day (John Donne, 1613)

Frederick and Elizabeth, King and Queen of Bohemia

Today marks the 404th anniversary of the marriage of Elizabeth Stuart (sister of Charles I) to Frederick, the Elector Palatine.

The pair married on 14 February 1613, with lavish simultaneous celebrations in London and Heidelberg. John Donne was commissioned to write a marriage song to celebrate the occasion, so, for all those celebrating Valentine's Day, here it is ...

28 January 2017

Royal Ordnance in 1637

One of the culverins on Gun Hill, Southwold. The origin of the six guns is still open to conjecture. Photo: © Copyright Evelyn Simak (CC BY-SA 2.0)

After revisiting an old guest blog article on 17th century siege warfare I stumbled across a fascinating analysis of a Royal Ordnance inventory  ...

9 January 2017

Guest blog: Civil War Oxford (Vanessa Moir, civilwaroxford.co.uk)

The interactive map showing locations associated with court officials, university members, townspeople and guests during the English Civil War (image copyright: civilwaroxford.co.uk)

Vanessa Moir created civilwaroxford.co.uk after being inspired by her university studies and her experience of living in the city. In this guest blog she explains more about its interactive features, the primary sources she's working with, and her plans for the site's future ...