10 September 2015

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Interested in chatting with other English Civil War/17th century enthusiasts? Re-enactment gear you want to get rid of? Question about the period you need answering?

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10 August 2015

The York House Water Gate: Part Two - The Water Gate in Art

A view of the Thames from the Buckingham stairs water gate towards the Adelphi Terrace, Saint Paul's Cathedral beyond. Circle of William Marlow (1740-1813).

Read first! The York House Water Gate: Part One

The York House Water Gate has been a source of inspiration for many artists since its completion in 1626, though sadly only as a remnant of the once-great Thames-side mansion rather than as the grand waterside entrance to the ill-fated Duke of Buckingham's lodgings.

Here are some examples ...

7 July 2015

Anthony Powell Society article

The Anthony Powell Society newsletter.

Powell wrote in a 1989 Telegraph article on London statues that "aesthetically speaking" the Le Seur's sculpture of the monarch was "the winner". To enlighten members further the Society got in touch. As luck would have it they found a Powell fan ...

19 May 2015

Video: Newark Civil War Centre opening celebrations

Nice montage of video and photos capturing the opening weekend of the National Civil War Centre.