17 April 2014

English Civil War Twitter list

I created a Twitter list of people with an interest in the English Civil War a while ago, though Twitter doesn't really have a feature for promoting individual lists (unless I'm missing something?!).

If you want to follow it, it's here:


8 April 2014

Q&A: Launching the BCW Project (David Plant, bcw-project.org)

The BCW Project website - bcw-project.org

David Plant recently relaunched his encyclopedic British Civil Wars website (british-civil-wars.co.uk) as the enhanced and redesigned BCW Project (bcw-project.org). For over a decade David's site has been an invaluable resource for researchers of the period, and from 2005 has been included in the British Library's UK Web Archive.

I asked David about the original inspiration for the site, how his own interests have developed whilst publishing it, and what's next for the new-look BCW Project ...

30 March 2014

New Worlds to air on April 1st (C4)

The four-part sequel to The Devil's Whore begins on Channel 4 on April 1st (trailer above), with the action this time moving to the latter part of Charles II's reign ...

28 March 2014

Jerome Willis (1928 - 2014)

Jerome Willis as Fairfax in Winstanley (1975).

I was sad to hear of the death of the actor Jerome Willis, who passed away in January. Willis was the only professional actor to appear in Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo's Winstanley (1975), where he played Thomas Fairfax, a role he described as a "labour of love" ...