30 October 2014

Cromwell and Hesilrig display @ NPG

The display at the National Portrait Gallery.

If you're in London over the next year a couple of small 17th century displays at the National Portrait Gallery are worth catching.

One explores the relationship between art and power during the period, while the other reveals an intriguing discovery about the collection's portrait of Sir Arthur Hesilrig ...

14 October 2014

Video: War Walks: Naseby (1997)

Click above to watch the late Professor Richard Holmes tell the story of the Battle of Naseby (1645).

The half-hour programme formed part of the second series of Holmes' excellent War Walks (1997).

30 September 2014

Q&A: Robert Wilton (author of Traitor's Field)

The number of historical fiction authors choosing the English Civil War period as a backdrop is increasing. By my reckoning over 30 novels (where the story is set somewhere between 1635-1660) have been published since 2010, compared with around 15 in each of the previous two decades (see my list). Partly this is due to the explosion in print and digital self-publishing, but also reflects mainstream publishers' increased appetite for novels set in the 17th century.

Robert Wilton's Traitor's Field (2013) concerns the rivalry between two military intelligence agents operating during the Interregnum. I asked Robert about how he came to write about the 1650s, what particularly intrigued him about intelligence during the period, and what guides his writing and research ...

3 September 2014

Events this weekend

Valence House, Dagenham. Photo: © Copyright Adrian Cable (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Post-holiday blues already kicking-in? Here are some interesting 17th century-related events all happening this weekend:

  • Exhibition: Hidden - An Unseen Portrait of Oliver Cromwell (National Portrait Gallery, London - Sat & Sun)
  • Exhibition: Fanshawe Women of the English Civil War (Valence House, Dagenham - Sat & Sun)
  • Tour: Battle of Naseby 1645 (Naseby, Warks, - Sun)
  • Tour: Battle of Worcester 1651 (Worcester - Sun).

See Events for visiting arrangements, start times etc. and loads more walks, talks and re-enactments all happening this year.