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21 July 2023

Princess Elizabeth Stuart (1635-50)
Mary McVicker, writer

4 May 2021

New research on London's ECW fortifications
Q&A with David Flintham (FRGS)

31 July 2019

Marston Moor - the 375th Anniversary
Mark Turnbull

6 May 2017

British Historical Medals of the 17th Century
Jerome J. Platt
Author and collector

9 January 2017

Civil War Oxford
Vanessa Moir

21 February 2016

Siege Types of the English Civil War
David Flintham FRGS

Illustration of Montrose's Irish brigade
Robert Wilton Traitor's Field cover 16 March 2015

The 17th Century Military Revolution on the Celtic Fringe
Charles Singleton
Author of Famous by my Sword (2015)

30 September 2014

Q&A with Robert Wilton
Author of Traitor's Field (2013)

Logo of the BCW Project
8 April 2014

Launching the BCW Project
David Plant
Front page of an edition of the Mercurius Civicus
Kevin Pearce. © Kevin Pearce6 March 2014

Re-publishing the Mercurius Civicus
Serena Jones
Tyger's Head Books

17 September 2013

Matthew Hopkins and the Wormhole
Kevin Pearce

A collection of digital resources30 April 2013

Writing and Tutoring an Online Course
Dr Andrew Lacey
University of Oxford
Diney Godfrey. © Diney Godfrey.

14 March 2013

Diney's fundraising ride
Diney Godfrey
Re-enactor and fundraiser

Van Dyke's triptych of Charles I.
22 November 2012

Teaching the 17th century at A-Level
Stephen Lovell
Central Newcastle High School

Computer model of a bullet impact.6 November 2012

New techniques for understanding 17th century siege warefare
Amanda Wynne
University of Huddersfield
Engraving of Thomas Fairfax.

19 April 2012

Preview of the Fairfax 400th Anniversary Conference 2012
Dr Andrew Hopper
University of Leicester

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    Ned is also related to the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, who is lauded by history; however, Ned sees a different side – he thoroughly dislikes Pepys, a pompous and arrogant man, and their conflicts and disagreements add drama and humour to the narrative.

    Ned is mentioned over one hundred times in Pepys’ diaries, and this adds an historical authenticity to the text, as do the descriptions and details of the English Civil War, the execution of Charles I, the Restoration, the Great Fire of London and the death and funeral of Cromwell.

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