English Civil War battles

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Adwalton Moor, 1643ArticlesOverview
Alton, 1643ArticlesOverview
Basing HouseArticlesOverview
Brentford, 1642ArticlesOverview
Bristol, 1645ArticlesOverview
Chalgrove Field, 1643ArticlesOverview
Cheriton, 1644ArticlesOverview
Colchester, 1648ArticlesOverview
Cropredy Bridge, 1644ArticlesOverview
Edgehill 1642ArticlesOverview
Gloucester, 1643ArticlesOverview
Inverkeithing, 1651ArticlesOverview
Leicester, 1645Articles Overview
Lostwithiel, 1644ArticlesOverview
Marston Moor, 1644ArticlesOverview
Nantwich, 1644ArticlesOverview
Newark, 1644ArticlesOverview
Newark, 1646ArticlesOverview
Naseby 1644ArticlesOverview
Newbury (I) 1643ArticlesOverview
Newbury (II) 1644 ArticlesOverview
Powick Bridge, 1642ArticlesOverview
Preston, 1648ArticlesOverview
Ripple Field, 1643ArticlesOverview
Roundway Down, 1643ArticlesOverview
Stow-on-the-Wold, 1646ArticlesOverview
Turnham Green, 1642ArticlesOverview
Worcester, 1651ArticlesOverview
York, 1644ArticlesOverview

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