English Civil War commanders, soldiers, politicians and others

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Astley, Sir JacobArticlesBiography
Belasyse, John, BaronArticlesBiography
Byron, Sir John, BaronArticlesBiography
Capel, ArthurArticlesBiography
Cavendish, William, Marquis of NewcastleArticlesBiography
Charles IArticlesBiography
Charles IIArticlesBiography
Cromwell, OliverArticlesBiography
Cromwell, RichardArticlesBiography
Devereux, Robert, Earl of EssexArticlesBiography
Digby, George, LordArticlesBiography
Dobson, William ArticlesBiography
Dowsing, William ArticlesBiography
Elizabeth of BohemiaArticlesBiography
Fairfax, Sir Thomas, LordArticlesBiography
Gerard, Sir Charles, LordArticlesBiography
Goring, George, LordArticlesBiography
Goring, George, Earl of NorwichArticlesBiography
Graham, James, Marquis of MontroseArticlesBiography
Greville, Robert, Lord BrookeArticlesBiography
Hampden, JohnArticlesBiography
Henrietta Maria, QueenArticlesBiography
Hesilrige, Sir ArthurArticlesBiography
Holles, DenzilArticlesBiography
Hopkins, Matthew ArticlesBiography
Hopton, Ralph ArticlesBiography
Ireton, HenryArticlesBiography
Jones, InigoArticlesBiography
Lely, PeterArticlesBiography
Leslie, Alexander, Earl of LevenArticlesBiography
Leslie, DavidArticlesBiography
Lisle, Sir GeorgeArticlesBiography
Lucas, Sir CharlesArticlesBiography
Prince MauriceArticlesBiography
Monck, GeorgeArticlesBiography
Montagu, Edward, Earl of ManchesterArticlesBiography
Rich, Robert, Earl of WarwickArticlesBiography
Prince RupertArticlesBiography
Skippon, PhllipArticlesBiography
Stone, Nicholas ArticlesBiography
Stuart, Henry, Prince of Wales ArticlesBiography
Van Dyke, AnthonyArticlesBiography
Villiers, George, 1st Duke of BuckinghamArticlesBiography
Waller, WilliamArticles Biography
Wallington, Nehemiah ArticlesBiography
Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of StraffordArticlesBiography
Wilmot, HenryArticlesBiography

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