19 September 2012

Nottingham Castle consultation - deadline 22 Sept 2012

Nottingham Castle. © Copyright Rob Bradford (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Just a few days left to respond to the public consultation (launch the survey) which will contribute towards the potential development of Nottingham Castle. The importance of the site to the English Civil War, however, does not seem to be up for consideration ...

The consultation is being conducted by Castle Working Group - the business led partnership looking at how Nottingham Castle can be developed into a better visitor attraction. An earlier Council press release trumpeted the consultation as coming "... 370 years to the day that King Charles I raised the Royal Standard at Nottingham Castle as a call to arms.'

However the information about the survey, titled 'Raising the standard at Nottingham Castle', makes no reference to the English Civil War and the castle/city's role during the period.

The castle famously marked the spot where Charles I chose to raise his standard in August 1642, the act that signaled the start of the English Civil War.

The survey, drawing on a previous Sheriff's Commission report, appears to be heavily focussed on pushing the Robin Hood legend as the central draw for visitors to the city. Respondents are, however, given the opportunity in a number of free-text boxes to suggest what else they would like to see as part of the castle's attractions.

Respondents have only until 22 September 2012 to voice their opinions.

Launch the survey

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  1. I'm really glad I was able to meet with the deadline. I had some really great ideas and I hope the group can find some of them to implement. I can't wait for the finished product.