16 January 2013

Colchester discoveries

A knife from the 1648 siege? Photo: © William Bramhill 

Will, a visitor to the forum, asks if we can shed any light on a number of metal detector finds.

The objects were discovered in his garden, approx. 500 yards north of the supposed site of Col Fothergill's fort in the Siege of Colchester ...

The photo above appears to be a knife, arranged just as it came out of the ground. The two photos below show what appears to be a circular piece of lead:

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Photo: © William Bramhill

From the bottom of a crucible? Was the metal melted down for shot or possibly coinage?

Lead from crucible 1 on Twitpic
Photo: © William Bramhill 

The approximate location of Colonel Fothergall's fort in the 1648 siege:

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If anyone's got any ideas please answer on the forum or add a comment here!

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