10 June 2013

Prince Rupert's Blue Shirts

Prince Rupert's Tower. Photo: © Sue Adair (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What's Prince Rupert got to do with a Premiership football team?

I didn't know either, until an argument between a club and its fans hit the headlines ...

A petition raised by 22,000 Everton fans in protest at the removal of their famous 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' moto from their club badge has forced to the club to re-think their decision. The new badge (see right, below), which appears on new season merchandise - omitted the latin motto though retained the tower logo, known local as 'Prince Rupert's Tower', above the club name.

The tower is actually an 18th century lock-up, though its position on Everton Brow takes its name from the location of Prince Rupert's camp during the 1644 Siege of Liverpool. From here Rupert made his preparations to attack the Parliamentarian garrison, reputedly claiming Liverpool Castle as 'a crow’s nest that any party of schoolboys could take.'

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