7 July 2015

Anthony Powell Society article

The Anthony Powell Society newsletter.

Powell wrote in a 1989 Telegraph article on London statues that "aesthetically speaking" the Le Seur's sculpture of the monarch was "the winner". To enlighten members further the Society got in touch. As luck would have it they found a Powell fan ...

They can be hard to find! Powell's reputation rests on the 12-novel epic A Dance to the Music of Time. I'm always surprised by how few people are aware of Powell, let alone have attempted Dance ...I often find myself wanting to refer to something as 'a bit Widmerpool' but might as well be talking in the mirror.

If you fancy dipping a toe in maybe start with the 1997 Channel 4 adaptation.

As well as numerous other novels, articles and essays Powell also wrote John Aubrey and his Friends, a biography of the 17th century antiquarian.

Thanks to Keith Marshall, Secretary of the Society, for re-printing my article for APS members.

Story of a Statue (article)

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