9 May 2023

Colchester Siege Spectacular (19-20 August, Castle Park, Colchester)

My article and interactive map on the Siege of Colchester (1648) still get a lot of traffic - it appears there's still great interest in the siege, so it's great to see that the city's holding a weekend-long event over August Bank Holiday - see video preview above.


  1. Hi Struan, I'm new to the website but not 17th C and ECW. One of those selected to be executed at Colchester and then reprieved when they found out he was a Venetian, was Bernard Gascoigne. I had been researching one of three priests, Peter Biddulph alias Fitton, of the recusant Biddulph family of Staffordshire. I came across Gascoigne in the service of Cardinal de' Medici in Rome. While Peter Biddulph was in the service of the Cardinal's brother Grand Duke Ferdinand in Florence. Biddulph wrote at least four letters to Gascoigne in 1655, based on the letters received from English priests. He states Cromwell's troop movements in England and Scotland, the constructing and size of the latest warship to be called the 'Naseby' and naval victories in the Caribbean.
    Phillip Wheeler.

  2. Thanks Phillip - really interesting.